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What Are Your Fees?

Psychological services are billed at $210 per therapy hour (50 minutes). The fees for private psychological services are not covered by Nova Scotia’s MSI (Medical Services Insurance) Program, but your private health insurance may cover all or part of the fees for your sessions. At this time we do not offer direct billing as a practice-wide policy, but we encourage you to speak with your specific clinician to discuss whether she can direct bill for you. Most clients will have to pay up front for their sessions, and submit their receipts for reimbursement. Services provided by a Registered Psychologist can be claimed as a medical expense and are tax-deductible.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, e-Transfers, and Debit (tap).

Fees vary for psycho-educational assessment, depending upon which specific tests must be completed. Please call for information about psycho-educational testing.

How Long Does Each Therapy Session Take?

Most therapy sessions are 50 minutes (single session). Your psychologist may recommend that you book a 1.5 or a double session for your initial intake assessment. Your booking confirmation email will always tell you the length of the session you have booked.

How Do I Book My First Appointment?

You can contact us via the form here on our website, via email (, or via telephone (902-832-5190). Our friendly office manager will be in touch with you as soon as possible to ask you a few general questions about your reason for referral, and to book your first intake appointment. The reason for this contact is to determine which psychologist would be most suitable for you, and ensure that you get the best match of clinician skills and approach for your presenting problems. Once you’ve been booked for this intake appointment, you’ll have access to our online booking system, which is where you will contact us from that point forward.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Please note that our clinic requires 24 hours notice of any cancellation or appointment change. To cancel or make changes to your appointment please contact the office directly at 902-832-5190. Cancellations sent through email or online are only considered cancelled if received 24 hours prior to your appointment time and are confirmed by return email or call. If you do not receive confirmation of your cancellation we have not received your cancellation request and you will therefore be charged the full session fee.

What Should I Expect In The Initial And Subsequent Appointments?

Before your initial intake assessment appointment, you will receive a link to our online booking system, where you will be asked to complete some intake forms. Once you are in our online booking system, you can return to it at any time to see or change your upcoming appointments, view any files or notes your psychologist has shared with you, and access your billing history.

Since your forms will be completed online ahead of your appointment, there is no need to arrive early for your first appointment, but you are always welcome to come early and enjoy a hot or cold beverage and relax in our waiting room.

You will meet with your psychologist in a small room, very similar to a regular living room. In the first session, she will ask a lot of questions, and may ask you to complete so additional forms. By the end of the first session, she should have a sense of what your main concerns are, and how she may be able to help. She will share with you her impressions, whether you meet criteria for any diagnoses, and will discuss with you what therapy will entail. The therapeutic process will vary depending on presenting problems, but all our clinicians work very collaboratively with our clients so you can expect to be not only informed, but actively participating in your treatment planning.


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